Our mission of being the best has certainly carried over into our ACL Pro players.  We started with the goal of assembling the best group of talent anywhere, and that is exactly what we did!  Partnering with individuals whose work ethic and proven success are undeniable, is something we at Fire Cornhole could not be more excited about!  Look for this group of players to be competing for the win at every tournament they attend.  #throwfire


Jamie Graham

Jamie is the current ACL Pro singles world champion.  During the 2020 ACL championships he put on a performance for the ages, winning both the singles title and ACL Man of the Year title, as well as finishing 1st overall in the Player of the Year final standings!  At just 22 years old, the sky is the limit for the ACL’s most dominant player!


Matt Guy

Matt is without a doubt the most legendary player in the world of competitive cornhole. For nearly two decades he has been competing and winning at the highest levels of the sport.  Matt’s patience, focus, and ability to take a game over physically and mentally, are the reasons he has crushed the competition year after year!


Bret Guy

Growing up around the game, Bret has been competing and winning at the highest levels of competitive cornhole for over half of his life.  He has won on the biggest of stages and has hit clutch shots in the most intense situations.  His fiery personality when competing, and aggressive playing style, make him a challenge for any opponent!


Erick Davis

Do not let the age fool you!  Erick is one of the youngest ACL Pros competing this season, but has the ability to take over any tournament at any time!  Although Erick is known throughout the cornhole world as arguably the best “flop shot” player in the game, his ability to airmail and go hole for hole rival anyone, period!

Kaylee Hunter

This young lady came on the scene hot in 2021. In her first year as a cornhole pro she won two ACL Pro events and became part of the highest ranked all female team in Pro Doubles. She’s quickly become a household name and we’re glad to be along for the ride.